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Can You Get Into Canada with a DWAI?
June 2 2023
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Can you get into Canada with a DWAI?

Are you worried about whether you can get into Canada with a DWAI conviction? You’re not alone, as this is a very common question. Understanding the complex Canadian border crossing rules and the impact of a criminal record and of a DWAI on your entry to Canada can be a daunting task. Driving While Ability Impaired (DWAI) […]

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January 14 2019

Can I Go Fishing or Hunting in Canada if I Have a DUI?

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January 10 2019

Can a Pilot or Flight Attendant Go to Canada with a DUI for Work?

When it comes to DUI arrests or convictions, Canadian criminal laws are stringent. A single DUI can prevent a person from entering the country, and there are no exceptions, even for airline staff, such as pilots and flight attendants. Unless given special permission from the Canadian government, anyone with a DUI on their record must […]

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January 4 2019

Entering Canada with a DUI is About to Get Harder

Canada is changing the way drug and alcohol impaired driving offenses are treated. Whether you live in Canada or plan to visit for work, family or vacation purposes, it’s important to know how the new laws may affect you. The current Criminal Code prohibits driving while intoxicated and related offenses, but the new legislation has […]

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