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Criminal rehabilitation is a process, much like a “pardon”, by which you can overcome your inadmissibility to Canada permanently. It is available to those individuals who have a criminal record in the US or another country and who wish to be able to travel to Canada without any issues at the border.

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Are you looking to enter Canada, but are worried that a past criminal conviction could stop you? Our Canada criminal rehabilitation lawyers can help you turn the page on your past and make your travel plans a reality. At KLM Immigration, we specialize in Criminal Rehabilitation applications for Canada and are here to offer you professional assistance.

Let KLM Immigration guide you through the process of the Canada Criminal Rehabilitation application, by providing you with the expertise of our immigration lawyers. With our proven track record of success, we’ll ensure that you have the necessary guidance to obtain the approval you seek of your Criminal Rehabilitation application to Canada. Permanent criminal clearance is within reach.

What is Canada’s criminal rehabilitation?

Criminal Rehabilitation is a process that allows individuals with past criminal convictions to overcome inadmissibility and gain entry into Canada. Our Canada criminal rehabilitation lawyers at KLM Immigration have in-depth knowledge of the immigration laws and requirements specific to individual rehabilitation, making us the ideal guide on your journey to success.

Is there a difference between criminal rehabilitation and deemed rehabilitated by the effect of time?

Yes. With deemed rehabilitation, an individual who has committed a non-serious criminal offense in the past can simply wait for a certain period of time to be allowed entry to Canada. This period of time is ten (10) years from the moment that all conditions of the sentence were completed. Once that period for rehabilitation is over, the individual is automatically considered rehabilitated by the Canadian immigration authorities.

While with criminal rehabilitation, a foreign national who has committed a criminal offense must go through an application process. Applications for criminal rehabilitation can take up to 12 months to process. Criminal rehabilitation is open to those who committed more than one offense or those who spent a significant time in prison, and it becomes available earlier than becoming deemed rehabilitated by the effect of time following a conviction.

How much does it cost?

In addition to the legal fees, which will depend on your individual situation and the offenses in question, the Canadian Government processing fee for an application for criminal rehabilitation varies. The standard government processing fee for the application for rehabilitation is $200.00 CAD, while application for a serious criminal activity case will be $1000.00 CAD.

Please keep in mind that our Canadian immigration lawyers have worked with individuals from a variety of backgrounds. We can discuss a cost tailored to your particular circumstances during your free consultation.

How long does Canadian criminal rehabilitation take?

Typical application processing times from the Canadian Government takes between 6 to 12 months. In some complicated cases, a request for rehabilitation can take up to 18 months to process.

Preparing the application could also take some time. The whole process may require obtaining documents like police certificates, bank statements, letters of reference, information regarding payment of fines, travel documents, etc.

But we understand time is of the essence, and we value your desire to move forward. Our experienced team will diligently handle your application to ensure it is processed as efficiently as possible, and allow for streamlined rehabilitation.

Eligibility requirements for criminal rehabilitation

Who is eligible?

Eligibility for criminal rehabilitation is possible in either one of these two cases:

  1. If you have committed a crime outside Canada for which you were not charged, and it occurred over five years ago; or
  2. If you were convicted of a crime outside Canada, and at least five years have passed since the completion of the imposed sentence and its conditions.

If you want to be 100% sure you qualify for Criminal Rehabilitation, let us assess your current situation during the free consultation. We will provide you with a clear understanding of your eligibility.

Please reach out to us even if you believe you are ineligible. Other options to overcome criminal inadmissibility in the eyes of Canadian immigration officials exist. For example, obtaining a temporary resident permit can be a solution to overcome criminal inadmissibility.

Types of offenses eligible for the TRP

Theoretically, all offenders are eligible for Canadian rehabilitation after the necessary passage of time. Fairly common criminal offenses such as reckless driving, driving under the influence (DUI), drug trafficking, or domestic abuse are all eligible for Canadian criminal rehabilitation. Our knowledgeable team will analyze your criminal history and current situation, and advise you on the best course of action for your Criminal Rehabilitation application.

What documents will I need to provide when applying for criminal rehabilitation?

Among other documents pertaining to your offenses, an application for criminal rehabilitation requires that you to provide a complete criminal background history including an FBI police certificate, as well as the state police certificates from each state where you have lived for a period of at least six (6) months or more since the age of 18, and also from any state where an offense was committed. A complete list of required documents can be found by searching for form IMM 5507, available on the government of Canada website (www.canada.ca).

How can I prove to Canada that I have been rehabilitated?

Although each case is individual, the Canadian government will look to determine whether you pose a safety risk to the Canadian public. You will therefore need to demonstrate that you are not likely to repeat the offense(s) that you have on your record and show that you have learned from your mistakes and have become a contributing member of your community and society as a whole. This can be demonstrated by your community involvement such as charity work, letters of support from your superiors or from those who know you best, or from community leaders, and by demonstrating stability in your current lifestyle.

To start the application process for criminal rehabilitation today, please call our KLM Immigration law attorneys at 1-888-603-3003 for your free consultation. We specialize in criminal rehabilitation applications for US citizens and residents.

Our immigration law firm is here to assist you

At KLM Immigration, we take immense pride in our professionalism and quality service. When you speak to us, you’ll talk directly to an attorney or lawyer specialized in criminal inadmissibility issues, who understands your situation and helps guide you through the process. With our expertise in the Canadian criminal code’s treatment of foreign convictions and personalized guidance, you’ll feel confident that you are in capable hands.

With KLM Immigration, you maximize your chances of being allowed through the Canadian border, without the burden of your criminal record holding you back. Our professional and transparent approach, combined with the dedicated assistance of our immigration lawyers, ensures that you have the best chance of a successful Criminal Rehabilitation Canada application.

Don’t let difficult situations of the past define your future; let KLM Immigration open doors for you. Criminal inadmissibility is a reversible state. Schedule your free consultation today and take the first step towards obtaining approval of rehabilitation and a bright future that includes Canada.

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