Legal Opinion Letter Canada

Legal Opinion Letter Canada

Are you worried about the potential impact of your criminal record on your eligibility to enter Canada? KLM Immigration lawyers can help. Deemed rehabilitation for entry into Canada can be confirmed with a legal opinion letter. Speak directly with one of our experienced immigration lawyers today and take the first step towards successfully crossing the Canadian border despite past criminal history.

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Legal Opinion Letter Canada

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What is a legal opinion letter for Canada?

It is a legal opinion letter that explains why an individual is admissible to enter Canada despite a criminal record. It is written by a Canadian immigration attorney, to be shown to immigration authorities when trying to enter the country. Its purpose is to help avoid denial of entry.

In simple words: some border agents may think they shouldn’t let you enter Canada, because of a criminal record. While you actually should be allowed to enter. A legal opinion letter for Canada entry will explain your situation to them and ensure they let you in.

Legal opinion letter: Frequently asked questions

How much does an opinion letter cost?

The cost of an opinion letter varies depending on the complexity of your case. At KLM Immigration Law, we offer competitive pricing and a clear legal fee structure to ensure that our services are accessible.

What is deemed rehabilitated by the effect of time in Canada?

Deemed rehabilitated is a process that allows individuals who have been convicted of a crime outside of Canada to enter the country without having to apply for individual rehabilitation. To be eligible for deemed rehabilitation for entry into Canada certain conditions must be met, including the passage of time since the conviction and the nature of the offense.

For example, an individual who committed a non-serious crime is more likely to be eligible for deemed rehabilitation than an individual who committed a serious crime. In many cases, traffic violations, drug possession offenses, drunk driving offenses, can be considered non-serious offenses, depending on when they occurred.

Once these conditions have been met, the Canadian government considers that the individual does not pose a risk to security and should be granted full border entry access. In the case where being deemed rehabilitated is not an option, you may be able to apply for criminal rehabilitation or to enter Canada through a temporary resident permit.

How long does Canadian criminal rehabilitation take?

  • Once five years pass from the time all conditions of the offense were met, you can apply for individual rehabilitation
  • Ten years after all conditions of your only offense were met, you can automatically be deemed rehabilitated by the effect of time (provided a few criteria are respected, including the nature of the criminal offense)
  • If a crime has been committed while the individual was under the age of 18, that individual may be allowed to enter Canada as well

Do I need to apply for deemed rehabilitation?

No, that’s the whole point! All you need is sufficient time since you completed all the conditions of your single offense. No need to apply for criminal rehabilitation, file legal documents, pay fees, and wait through long processing times. There’s nothing for you to do, and Canadian immigration border officers should simply let you go through.

However, some immigration officers at the border do not have a perfect knowledge of criminal rehabilitation laws. They may believe an individual who is deemed rehabilitated still poses a security risk and refuse to grant him a permit for entry.

To avoid such a situation, you could work with a Canadian immigration lawyer. KLM Immigration can write a legal opinion letter with details confirming your full criminal rehabilitation.

At KLM IMMIGRATION, we are committed to providing our clients with peace of mind and confidence in their travel journey. Contact us today for a free consultation and speak directly with an attorney specializing in criminal immigration.

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