Traveling to Canada with a DUI conviction can prevent you from entering the country. However, you might be wondering if this also applies to short-term stays, like layovers. Can you have a layover in Canada with a DUI? The answer is yes.

Do you want to enter Canada with a DUI? Canada takes alcohol-related offenses, such as DUIs and DWIs, very seriously. If you have a DUI charge on your record, you can be denied entry into the country. The law applies even if you plan on remaining at the airport for the duration of your layover.

How to legally enter Canada for a layover if you have a DUI?

If you need to enter Canada for a layover, two options are available.

Temporary resident permit (TRP)

A TRP allows you to enter Canada for a specified amount of time. It’s best to apply directly to the Canadian government in advance. However, if your trip is quickly approaching, you can present it at the entry point and have it reviewed by a border agent.

Legal opinion letter

Legal opinion letters are provided by Canadian immigration attorneys and state that you are admissible to enter Canada and should be granted entry. This option is only available in two specific situations:

  • You have been deemed rehabilitated;
  • You have charges that don’t deem you inadmissible into Canada.

Obtain legal advice today

If you’re wondering how to legally enter Canada for a layover and have a DUI, then get in touch with the legal experts at KLM Immigration for assistance. If you have a DUI and wait until the last minute or show up at the border unprepared, you might be refused entry. Don’t take that risk. Contact one of our KLM Immigration lawyers today at 1(888) 603-3003, to make an appointment and get help with the process.