Having a DUI, DWI or another drunk driving charge on record can prevent you from entering Canada, regardless of the reason for which you need to enter Canada. Some people wrongfully believe that having a valid passport is enough to enter Canada and are unaware that even a single DUI can cause issues crossing into Canada. Often, people with a DUI will try to enter Canada for vacation, business or to visit family in Canada only to be turned around once at the Canadian border. This can be very frustrating especially when you must be allowed to enter Canada urgently as part of your job.

Can an actor or musician go to Canada despite a DUI?

The consequences of a refusal to enter Canada because of a DUI can cause numerous problems not only to the person in question but also to all those who are involved in the production of a movie or a tour if the actor or performer is banned from entering the country. Production may be halted or cancelled altogether, with important financial losses should a band member or actor be unable to enter the country legally. It is important to note that even one single DUI can stop a person from entering Canada. It is therefore important to take the rights measures to ensure that this does not happen and that you will be allowed to enter Canada despite having a DUI, by either applying for a Temporary Resident Permit (TRP) or for Criminal Rehabilitation.

What should I do if I have a DUI but need to enter Canada urgently?

Any performer or actor should determine as soon as possible whether a DUI conviction could potentially lead to problems at the Canadian border. The best way of determining whether a past DUI conviction or arrest could cause issues at the border would be to consult with an immigration attorney. A lawyer specializing in matters of inadmissibility to Canada can help determine the best and quickest way to resolve the situation and avoid any issues when entering Canada.

It is also possible that having one single DUI conviction on record may not lead to denied entry to Canada if a specific set of requirements are met, such as not having had any other offenses on record and having completed all terms relating to the DUI conviction over ten years ago. In such a case, a lawyer’s legal opinion letter can help explain why an actor or performer should not be denied entry into Canada on the basis of a past DUI conviction.

Do I need a temporary resident permit (TRP) to enter Canada?

If it is determined that the actor or singer cannot enter Canada due to the DUI on record as they completed all the conditions of their imposed sentence less than 10 years ago, they would need to apply for a temporary resident permit (TRP).  The permit could be valid for up to three (3) years at a time and allow multiple entries into Canada.  Furthermore, requesting special permission by way of a TRP in order to travel to Canada with a DUI on order for work in the entertainment industry is considered to be strong reason for requesting the TRP as the entertainment industry has a significant impact on the Canadian economy as a whole.

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