Canada Temporary Resident Permit

A Canada Temporary Resident Permit, also referred to as a TRP is a temporary solution to overcoming one’s inadmissibility to Canada. The TRP allows you to travel to Canada on short notice and can be requested at any time, regardless of when your offense occurred, and even if it is still pending in court.

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Canada Temporary Resident Permit

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The TRP would allow you to enter Canada for a specific time, as determined by the government of Canada and can be valid for up to three (3) years at a time. Once it expires, you can always re-apply for a new TRP.

Do I need a TRP to go to Canada?

Anyone who has a criminal record or a case in court pending against them may require a Canada TRP, depending on the severity of the charges. Most offenses, such as a DUI (Driving Under the Influence of Alcohol or Drugs), reckless driving, assault, drug possession, theft or a federal offense would make you inadmissible to Canada, and you would therefore need to obtain a TRP in order to be able to enter Canada. Contact our Canadian TRP lawyers for assistance with Canada TRP matters relating to criminality.

How to apply for a TRP in Canada?

An application for a TRP Canada processing time should be submitted to the Canadian government for review prior to your travel date. In cases where the travel is urgent, the application can also be submitted for review at a point of entry (a border crossing point) into Canada. Although an application form, called the IMM1444 can be downloaded online and filled out on your own, the application process is much more complex than the simple filling out of this form. Think of it this way, you certainly have the right to represent yourself in court, but it is certainly best to retain the services of a Canada TRP lawyer who specializes in the matter to help you get the result you want faster.

Am I eligible for a Canada TRP?

The Canadian government can authorize a person who is inadmissible to enter Canada because of their criminal record, to enter Canada as a temporary or permanent resident. Valid reasons for entry vary widely and may include family visits, work meetings, important event attendance, or even an economic contribution.

A temporary resident permit can be issued based on the individual’s need and purpose for entering Canada.

The following elements are taken into consideration by the Canadian government to determine if a Canada TRP should be granted:

  • Purpose and duration of travel
  • Risk factors based on criminal history;
  • An applicants rehabilitative factors and current situation

All temporary resident permit holders must abide by the laws of Canada, take action to resolve their inadmissibility and leave or request another TRP before the expiry date of their initial TRP.

Given the nuanced nature of TRPs, we strongly suggest working with an experienced Canada TRP lawyer to facilitate the process.

What is the duration of a TRP?

Once approved, the duration of your temporary resident permit in Canada will vary depending on your file and reason for travel. A temporary resident permit is usually issued for the length of your visit to Canada. The maximum amount of time granted for a TRP is three years, but many elements come into play, either extending or reducing your TRP duration.

Can I apply for a TRP at the border?

A person may apply for a temporary resident permit at the border. Yet, please note that in these situations, the border services will assess the application with the same considerations as regular TRP applications processed at the Canadian visa office.

Why choose Consulate TRP instead of Border TRP?

Many argue that submitting a temporary resident permit application at a point of entry in Canada may speed up the decision process. Applications submitted to immigration Canada or the Canadian consulate may take up to 3 months to be processed.

Whether you are applying for your TRP at a Canadian border or a consulate, please note that there is no guarantee that your application will be approved.

The following points constitute border entries:

  • landing at a Canadian airport
  • Arriving at a Canadian port by ship
  • Crossing the Canadian border by land with a car

How can our team help?

KLM immigration law offers a personalized approach focused on honesty and reliability while providing all the information and support necessary for your Canadian temporary resident permit application.

By providing services solely in the field of immigration in Canada and the United States, our team always keeps a finger on the pulse and is up-to-date with the best application practices and any recent changes and updates implemented by the government.

How long does it take to get my TRP?

As the official Government of Canada website mentions, it can take up to 3 months to process a temporary resident permit application, but this could vary substantially depending on the candidate’s profile and staff capacity.

Suppose you are concerned with your TRP application processing time or overwhelmed with the arduous process. In that case, we strongly encourage you to get in touch with our law firm to discuss your profile and available options.

Having an experienced immigration lawyer helping you each step of the way can avoid confusion while offering you honesty and support throughout your process.

Can I work in Canada with a temporary resident permit?

The maximum validity for a single TRP is three years and can be accompanied by an array of specific conditions. A person with a valid Canadian temporary resident permit cannot work or study without a work or study permit. If your TRP application is approved, you will then be able to apply for a work or study permit.

To maximize efficiency and prevent unnecessary delays, it is possible to apply for your TRP and work permit simultaneously. This process requires submitting additional documents and complying with specific requirements.
Here you can discuss this process with our experienced team: Book an initial free consultation

Is criminal rehabilitation different from a TRP?

Yes. Criminal rehabilitation is a permanent, rather than temporary solution to inadmissibility issues. Unlike the TRP, which you can apply for even if you were only arrested yesterday, when it comes to criminal rehabilitation, you will need to wait for five (5) years to pass, from the moment that you have completed all conditions of your sentence, in order to become eligible to apply for criminal rehabilitation. If your offenses occurred over 5 years ago, but you require to visit Canada within the year, you can always apply for a TRP and for Criminal Rehabilitation at the same time. This way, you will be able to travel to Canada as soon as the TRP is approved while awaiting the approval of your criminal rehabilitation application, which takes the Canadian government longer to review.

How does Canada know if I have a DUI?

Most people assume that if they simply choose not to disclose the offense to the border agents, they will be allowed to get into Canada. However, Canada and the US share a criminal history database, including FBI records, making it so that even misdemeanor crimes such as a DUI, or reckless driving for example will be made known to Canada once your passport is scanned at the border. This would also be true in a case where your record is still pending, and no judgment has been rendered against you. In this situation, Canada will view this pending case against you as a conviction, until proven otherwise. It is therefore important to disclose all existing offenses to the government.

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